Whether you are an individual, corporate or philanthropic investor, SoCapX provides a range of products and services that are all designed to increase your impact and grow your social investment, while decreasing your risk and workload.

Your partnership with SoCapX begins with the completion of the Social Investment Menu, an online profiling and assessment tool designed to answer three critical questions:

  1. What’s your Give?
  2. In what area of the social economy do you wish to make an impact?
  3. What are your needs as an investor – your gain? (e.g. returns / PR etc)?

SoCapX recognizes that an array of resources, including people, skills, and financial support in the social economy are needed to sustainability address the pressing social issues we face. That is why SoCapX caters for three types of investors:

  • Financial investors: individuals or companies who would like to make a monetary investment.
  • Material investors: individuals or companies who would like to invest goods or resources.
  • Skills investors: individuals or companies who would like to invest their time, experience, knowledge and/or skills.

We have the capability, through our system and expertise, to propose suitable implementing partners that are an ideal match to your “give” and required “gain”.

A critical component of our service offering is Monitoring and Evaluation to inform the SoCapX Smart Reporting function. All financial transactions, progress and results are monitored and reported on in a real-time, accessible, user-friendly manner that adds value to both the implementer and the investor. This ensures that you are easily able to monitor the impact of your investment against your specific requirements.  Smart Reporting is designed to simultaneously make data capturing easier and more accurate, while providing the operational visibility and strategic insights that are needed for efficient and effective social impact.

For corporate investors, SoCapX is uniquely positioned to manage your corporate social investment (CSI) portfolio; aligning it with your company / brand identity and core ethos while ensuring your “give” is verified, tangible and meets your “gain” requirements.

We are also able support your organisation’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Strategy through maximising your socio-economic development investment and managing your enterprise and supplier development funding process.

Registering and completing the social investment menu is free to all investors – it is only at the point where you request that we match you with suitable implementers or monitor your investments that there are any costs involved.  These costs are tailored to the specific services you utilise and are on a sliding scale depending on the size of the investment. To transform the way you or your business drive/s impact within the social economy in a meaningful and measurable way, join SoCapX now.