Whether you are a registered NPO, SME, community-based organisation or public benefit organization, SoCapX provides you with a range of services that are all designed to increase your capacity, opportunities for funding and the credibility of your data while decreasing workload.

To become a member of the SoCapX network, you will complete an online profile, capacity assessment and service definition. The assessments will position your organisation on the Capacity Spectrum and allow us and potential investors to understand and assess your organisational capacity, service capacity and your current needs.

This Capacity Spectrum is designed to measure an implementer’s capacity across several elements: organisational structure; human resources; governance; M&E, reporting and planning; networks and linkages, financial management; financial situation; marketing and promotion; innovation and technology and aspiration. These elements comprise the standard information that any social investor would want to know prior to making an investment. This assessment has two distinct benefits for you.

  • Lengthy applications per funder no longer exist, as there is one application for many potential (and accurately targeted) investors to review – eliminating a significant workload.
  • You become linked to our Integrated Knowledge Management Systemwhich provides you with a centralized library of resources categorized to ensure that the most useful and relevant information is directed to you, based on your capability and needs profile.

SoCapX provides Capability Building through a series of web-based and in-person workshops, events, and handbooks available to all implementers and stakeholders. It is constantly expanding with relevant, credible, and up to date resources. Events will be held in a variety of locations, with each event focusing on a specific topic.

Our Smart Reporting ensures all your financial transactions, programme progress and results are closely monitored and reported on in a real-time, accessible, user-friendly manner that adds value to both you and the investor. The most immediate benefit for you as an implementer is easier reporting that automatically tracks spend against results so you can self-examine and adapt.

For the first 6 months, membership to our network is completely free of charge to all implementers.  Register today – complete your assessments and see how we can add value to your organisation – you will also have access to all the assessments you have completed.  After 6 months, to remain a member, you will be charged a nominal monthly fee.