SoCapX or the Social Capital Exchange is a social enterprise that connects investors and implementors through its advanced online platform, while also contributing towards greater proficiency and sustainability within the social economy through human intervention.

We initially focus on matching suitable investors and implementers and then on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of those partnerships.  Investors and Implementers are encouraged to register on our site to experience how we can help you make the maximum impact with your investments or practical applications in the field.

We recognise that to achieve this we need to deliver a balanced value model, where all stakeholders engaging within our enterprise derive consistent, tangible value by participating on our platform.
These stakeholders include:


Those who ultimately benefit from interventions to advance the social economy.


The organisations and teams of on-the-ground people who render the actual social services.


Those who donate or invest funds to facilitate social development programmes. These can be corporations, private individuals, or governments.

Service Providers

Organisations or consultants who aid the implementers through providing skills training or expertise (e.g. M&E, technology, marketing etc)

Our unique technology, which has been developed through collaboration between experts in the tech and social spheres, is the cornerstone of our delivery model. It incorporates a variety of dynamic functional components, just a few of which are listed here:

  • Software Applications – Grant Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Self-assessment, Searchable Knowledge Base
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Third party system integration
  • Security and Storage – Managed access, data security
  • Machine Learning and AI – Adaptive user experience
  • Transaction management – Online payment processing

Joining our network and completing the assessments (which you will have access to) is completely free of charge. SoCapX works on a transparent and equitable revenue model where implementers pay an affordable annual membership fee and investors are charged on a sliding scale based on services utilised and size of investment.  The success of SoCapX lies in gathering multiple investors and implementers onto the platform to optimise partnership opportunities and consolidate the data that will drive greater efficiency and effectiveness to address socio-economic challenges.