The Social Capital Exchange is a value-driven, social enterprise that connects investors and implementers in the social economy through its advanced yet user-friendly online platform, pioneering service offerings and highly experienced team. Joining SoCapX means becoming a partner in an extensive network that has a highly innovative approach to optimizing relationships for maximum effect. Through simplifying interactions and driving greater efficiencies, SoCapX will improve social impact and sustainability in the largely inefficient social economy, which is critical to supporting and uplifting local communities that are in need.

We define the social economy as the space in which implementers (people and organizations providing services to beneficiaries) and investors (people and companies wanting to invest for social impact) operate for the purpose of addressing social and economic challenges. Currently, the social economy is unstructured, disconnected, and therefore largely ineffective.

Our vision is to end the current status quo, which sees a grandmother, mother and child as dependent beneficiaries for an indefinite period, and facilitate the transformation to a new social economy where that mother becomes an implementer and eventually empowers her child to become an investor. We aim to break the cycle of dependency through improved effectiveness, efficiency and collaboration, and we have a unique solution to make this a reality.

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