SoCapX or the Social Capital Exchange is a community driven, social enterprise platform that aims to improve development intervention by improving visibility and collaboration while also contributing towards greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability within the sector.

The platform delivers value through a hybrid partnership model, leveraging cutting edge technology, direct engagement and most importantly strategic partnership.

We recognise that in order to achieve this we need to deliver a balanced value model, where all stakeholders within the platform derive consistent, tangible value by participating on the platform.
These stakeholders include:

The technology stack is the cornerstone of the SoCapX value delivery model, it incorporates a number of dynamic functional components:

  • User Management – Multi-level permission user access
  • Integrated User Support Channels – allows tiered support , accelerated data-gathering efforts and accelerated partner on-boarding
  • Software Applications – Grant Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Self assessment, Searchable Knowledge Base, Directory Management
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Integration Layer – Third party system integration capability
  • Security and Storage – Managed access, data security, redundancy & continuity
  • Blockchain – Distributed Unique User Identity, Attributes and Rating (DUID) *
  • Machine Learning and AI – Adaptive user experience *
  • Transaction management – Online payment processing, Social Impact Bonds *

SoCapX has been established as a social enterprise with a self funding model to ensure sustainability and independence. Independence is a key requirement to provide an agnostic community service for collective good. While SoCapX has, and will continue to partner with organisations and investors to build the platform capabilities, this is a non-exclusive and non-prescriptive basis. We aim to align ourselves with partners that are committed to our principles of:

  • Collective Purpose
  • Collaboration
  • People focused
  • Sustainability centered
  • Committed to efficiency and effectiveness