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Welcome to the Social Capital Exchange

Our vision is to break the cycle of dependency and facilitate transformation to a new, empowered social economy.

The Social Capital Exchange is a value-driven, social enterprise that connects investors and implementers in the social economy through our advanced, yet user-friendly online platform, pioneering service offerings and highly experienced team. 

By matching organisations with the resources that they need, simplifying interactions and driving greater efficiencies, SoCapX can improve social impact and sustainability.

Joining SoCapX means embarking on an impact journey, as you become a partner in a community that is committed to achieving positive change where it is most needed. Become a partner and we’ll optimize your impact journey. 

Our Methodology

4 Essential Steps​



SoCapX creates a user-friendly space for players in the social economy to come together.



SoCapX optimally connects those players through impact links.



SoCapX supports, maximises and builds on every connection made.



SoCapX delivers value and an empowered social economy for all players.

How it works

At SoCapX we believe everyone has a give, something they can and want to invest in the social economy and we are able to maximise that give when we know and understand it. So we ask, ‘What’s Your Give?’. Answers are achieved through customized investment pathways that are designed to allow all types of investors to engage when and how they want. Those investment pathways lead to impact links, optimized, mutually beneficial connections between investors and implementers. Once impact links are established, they are supported through a range of user-friendly products and services, specifically tailored to meet the needs of both investors and implementers. This allows each implementer and investor to walk an optimized impact journey, resulting in greater returns on social investments for investors and maximised program impact for implementers, which ensures beneficiaries receive the greatest benefit!

Investors and implementers are encouraged to register on our community platform to experience how we can help you make the maximum impact with your investments or practical applications in the field.
We recognise that to achieve this we need to deliver a balanced value model where all players derive consistent, tangible value by participating in our community platform.
These players include:



Those who ultimately benefit from interventions to advance the social economy.



The organisations and teams of on-the-ground people who render the actual social services.




Those who donate or invest funds to facilitate social development programmes. These can be corporations, private individuals, or governments.


Service Providers

Organisations or consultants who aid the implementers through providing skills training or expertise (e.g. M&E, technology, marketing etc.).

Our unique technology, which has been developed through collaboration between experts in the tech and social spheres, is the cornerstone of our delivery model. It incorporates a variety of dynamic functional components, just a few of which are listed here:

  • Software Applications – Grant Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Self-assessment, Searchable Knowledge Base
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Third party system integration
  • Security and Storage – Managed access, data security
  • Machine Learning and AI – Adaptive user experience
  • Transaction management – Online payment processing

Becoming a partner and completing the initial assessments is completely free of charge. SoCapX works on a transparent and equitable revenue model where implementers pay an affordable annual membership fee and investors are charged on a sliding scale based on services utilised and size of investment.  The success of SoCapX lies in gathering multiple investors and implementers onto the platform to optimise partnership opportunities and consolidate the data that will drive greater efficiency and effectiveness to address socio-economic challenges.

What we can do for you

Investor Services

Whether you are an individual, corporate or philanthropic investor, SoCapX provides a range of products and services that are all designed to increase your impact and grow your social investment, while decreasing your risk and workload.

Your partnership with SoCapX begins with the completion of the Social Investment Menu, an online profiling and assessment tool designed to answer three critical questions:

  1. What’s your Give?
  2. In what area of the social economy do you wish to make an impact?
  3. What are your needs as an investor – your gain? (e.g. returns / PR etc)?

SoCapX recognizes that an array of resources, including people, skills, and financial support in the social economy are needed to sustainably address the pressing social issues we face. That is why SoCapX caters for three types of investors:

Financial investors:

For those individuals, organisations or companies who would like to make a monetary investment SoCapX provides an integrated grant management capability to manage and review applications, build workplans and deliver reporting.

Material investors:

For individuals or companies who would like to invest goods or resources to organisations and beneficiaries, SoCapX provides a mechanism for matching organisations with the goods that they need.

Skills investors:

For individuals or companies who would like to invest their time, experience, knowledge and/or skills, SoCapX can help to match you to organisations that require your skills.

Advisory and Consulting

Not sure how to invest effectively for social impact? Our experienced team can help to structure your investment to get the best results.

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SoCapX makes the right connections, in the right ways for the best impact!

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How we can help you

Implementer Services

Whether you are a registered NPO, SME, community-based organisation or public benefit organization, SoCapX provides you with a range of services that are all designed to increase your capacity, opportunities for funding and the credibility of your data while decreasing workload.
Your journey begins with SoCapX when you complete an online profile, capacity assessment and service definition. The assessments will position your organisation on the Capacity Spectrum and Service Matrix, allowing us and potential investors to understand and assess your organisational capacity, while simultaneously eliminating the need to complete repetitive applications.

Matching to Financial Resources

The SoCapX team is actively curating investment opportunties for our community in addition to those that we manage directly.

Capacity Building and Learning Resources

Our Capacity Hub is a growing knowledge repository where we actively source and review suitable content to build the capacity of our community.

Directory of vetted service providers

Our team finds trusted and reliable service providers for services that are most applicable to implementer’s needs.

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Meet our leading specialists

A team that is committed to social change!

Our team, led by Cristianne and Jason, has a deep understanding of the social economy, with decades of experience implementing projects, managing social investment and leveraging technology to improve development outcomes.  

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Cristianne Wendler is a public health practitioner and development specialist with experience in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and North America. Her development experience spans from the frontlines as a humanitarian relief worker in Haiti to a country director for a U.S. Government grant program funded by PEPFAR in South Africa.

Cristianne Wendler

Head of Impact Delivery and Community Support

Jason Bygate is an innovation and technology specialist with over 15 years’ experience working in the social economy and a further 10 years in the ICT and logistics sectors. He has established and operated multiple social and technology ventures and worked with dozens of organisations and investors across South Africa and other African countries.

Jason Bygate

Head of Technology and Innovation

High level of competence

Our experience will help you achieve more.

Social Development
30 years
20 years
Capacity building
30 years
Programme Design
20 years
Monitoring and Evaluation
10 years
Advisory and Advocacy
10 years
Our Values
Our principles
Our Values

SoCapX has been established as a social enterprise with a self-funding model to ensure sustainability and independence.

We always aim to align ourselves with partners that are committed to our core ethics of:

  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Value driven

Our principles

Our operating model is based on the following foundational principles : 

  • We operate at the optimal intersection of people, resources and technology.
  • Our actions are driven by need, efficiency, effectiveness and impact.
  • We are social economy architects, not a charity.
  • We achieve more, quicker and better together.
  • SoCapX is human driven, designed in and for the field.

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